How do today's organizations meet the increasing demands of sustainability, growth, and innovation?

Inclusive Leadership.

Is your organization ready to focus on bold vs. borrowed best practices for organizational success?

Radical Transformation.

Does your organization know how to reduce unconscious bias?

Non-judgemental Inquiry.

Are you strategic enough to build a roadmap that links your mission, vision and product or service?

Creative Thinker.

Do you have a culture of connectedness that inspires curiosity and collaboration?

Improved Business Outcomes.



The TAPO Institute intimately understands the immense pressure today’s ecosystems face and implements a proven framework that was inspired by Millennials who are transparent, authentic, persistent and optimistic as it relates to inclusion.

TAPO Defined

We make sure everyone succeeds, because everyone should.

We make sure words match actions. We own our faults. We are introspective about how we can make change.

To us, inclusion isn’t just a talking point; it’s our only purpose.

We don’t offer lip service. We speak powerful truths. We don’t gloss over issues. We dig into them, and find solutions. We don’t wait for change to happen. We create it.

The time has come to not just embrace inclusion, but to champion it rather than be a neutral observer.

We are interested in results, not excuses. We speak loudly, clearly, and with authority on topics of diversity and inclusion. We are here to stake claims, meet goals, and transform organizations.

We know that inclusion pays dividends.

The demographics of our country are changing. Our nation is becoming more diverse—we’ll be a majority minority population by 2038. Inclusion is powerfully beneficial to every business, every school system, every community, and every person. Diversity is an enormous opportunity for everyone, in every type of organization.


Implementing tools and a framework that is battle tested, malleable and at times creatively disruptive, yet impactful.

We advise C-level executives, Educators and Diversity Officers, helping them to chart smart, viable plans to maximize their diversity and inclusion goals.

Inclusion can be a loaded subject, and we know how to help your intent match your messages.

We can help you get your team involved, instead of just notified. Go beyond sharing bullet points and get to a better, more inclusive place.

Is your organization inclusive? Or worried you’re making excuses instead of progress? Our analytics and accountability programs can help pinpoint your status and chart a course forward.

We believe in collaborative, open education, and that’s how we help so many people understand, well, so many people.

The bottom line is important—and inclusion boosts it in many ways. We excel in the synthesis of doing good with doing business.

Aligning the brand promise with a customer’s expectation is essential in establishing customer loyalty.  We pride ourselves in making sure the diversity among customer segments is not taken for granted. We find your blind spots.

Our founder and bridge builder, Todd Corley, speaks and writes frequently on topics of diversity and inclusion. To connect with him, view our Contact section

(Upon receiving the inaugural-Claes Nobel World Betterment Award) “Todd is recognized for his diversity leadership and his ability to engage individuals, specifically Millennials, to build strong corporate social responsibility platforms that promote societal change.”

Mr. Claes Nobel, senior member of the esteemed-Nobel Prize Family.

Case Studies

Brand & Reputation Alignment

  • Positioned an international retailer as the #1 Specialty Retail Brand among African American Youth ages 8- 15 (source: Kidsay 2011)
  • Defined and implemented a strategy to grow an international foundation. Within one year, we identified new funding sources that grew contributions by 60%
  • Established an international retailer as a “Best Place to Work” for the LGBT community by securing a 100% on the HRC CEI (for eight consecutive years)

Creating the Inclusive School District

  • Implemented a plan that resulted in the (fastest growing school district in the State) doubling its minority educators < 2yrs.
  • Organized a community-wide forum on the subject of “Kids and Race” featuring an Emmy Award winning documentary produced by CNN and Anderson Cooper
  • Conducted a community-wide forum on anti-bullying paired with tips for how children and teens can build inclusive relationships (Special guest: 2014 Miss America Nina Davuluri)

Crisis Recovery

  • Implemented a multi-year inclusion strategy in response to a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit and federally mandated Consent Decree, which instituted oversight provisions on race, ethnicity and gender.
  • Created a national campaign with a demonstrable link between social and organizational inclusion vs. exclusionary behavior
  • Reevaluated and restructured parameters for “cross-culture awareness” exhibited by company officials traveling outside of the U.S., following an international incident that aroused the ire of the international community and the U.S. Government

Inclusive Philanthropic Giving.

  • Creating a prototype and plan for inclusive giving is an emerging issue with broad societal implications. Philanthropists and Foundations, like companies, are susceptible to “blind spots” when making decisions. Grants can be generously funded and disseminated without careful research. Investments in a social enterprise with great promise can fall short due to a misguided business plan or miscalculating the benefits to the intended audience. Our framework can ensure that philanthropy is both responsive and efficient.

“Today’s youth culture is transparent, authentic, proud and optimistic. In particular, this generation’s influence on diversity and inclusion has completely changed the game in the workforce and in society – forever.”

Todd Corley, Founder, the TAPO Institute and Board Chair, the NSHSS Foundation


  • Aug

    Todd was one of three inaugural recipients of Columbus Business Firsts’ ,”2016 Lifetime Achievement Award in diversity excellence. “Todd’s lifetime contribution to the development, refinement and study of how diversity and inclusion can make organizations better, has been well documented. His efforts in the space are not only measurable but they have resulted in transformational change.”

  • Jun

    Talking change and taking charge, “The Parity Project”. Todd was featured in the June 2016 issue of EBONY Magazine. The full page article, highlights Todd’s on going push for equality in Corporate America. “We’re (TAPO) focused on creating more inclusive leadership that embraces the four principles widely held by young adults: transparency, authenticity, persistence and optimism.”

  • Oct

    Todd will be a featured speaker during the Children’s International Summer Village (CISV) National Conference.  Founded in 1950, CISV is a global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building inter-cultural friendships, cooperation and understanding.

  • Aug

    Todd was a featured executive panelist on generational values and a recipient of the 2015 (INROADS) Alumni Diversity Award during the annual summit at the City Club of Washington D.C.

  • May

    Contributing commentator for the “Youth 100” findings, which isolates and categorizes what young people today feel about the brands they consume and their engagement with those brands. The “Youth 100”, created by Voxburner, will be released at the 2015 YMS New York conference.

  • Oct

    Todd joins a panel of globally-focused thought leaders during the annual Atlantic Dialogues, in Marrakesh, Morocco to discuss issues of gender equity facing the four continents surrounding the Atlantic Basin

  • Oct

    Todd welcomes the Emmy Award winning Dr. Melanie Killen, to Ohio’s fastest growing school district, for a candid community-wide discussion on promoting equality and reducing prejudice in childhood

  • Sep

    Todd partners with a global executive search firm, ranked among the top three worldwide and with offices in more than 40 countries, to host corporate Chief Diversity Officers during the firm’s annual diversity council dinner

  • Sep

    Todd joins the NSHSS and the NSHSS Foundation, founded by Mr. Claes Nobel of the Nobel family, to attend the kick-off of the 2015 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates. This is one of the world’s most important events for promoting democratic values, freedom and peace

  • Sep

    Todd welcomes several Central Ohio schools to the 1st-annual ONE Community Conference, as their keynote speaker

  • Jun

    Todd appeared at the YMS (Youth Marketing Strategy) New York event on June 12, 2014

  • May
  • Apr


Todd Corley, a former corporate officer in charge of diversity and inclusion, is an accomplished global executive with rich experience in change management, organizational behavior, corporate social responsibility, crisis management and financial analysis. Since 2007, he has been a fixture on various “Top 100 Executive” lists including SAVOY and Uptown magazine. He has also appeared on EBONY magazine’s “30 Leaders Under 30″ list and The Network Journal’s “40 Leaders Under 40″ listing. He is also a member of the Executive Leadership Council, a professional organization for the senior most ranking African American corporate executives across Fortune 500 Companies.

Todd’s vast accomplishments include architecting a landmark diversity initiative that resulted in a 626% increase in racial and ethnic diversity; leading national movements to erase exclusion, ban bullying, and champion inclusion; and creating a 10M strong international groundswell across the U.S., Europe and Asia around model behavior and peer accountability. He witnessed first-hand the impact of Millennials and rising iGens during his ten years at Abercrombie & Fitch from his office at the World Headquarters located on Fitch Path in New Albany, Ohio (2004 – 2014).

His tenure at Abercrombie & Fitch overlapped several high profile discrimination cases including Gonzalez v. Abercrombie, which was at the epicenter of a $50M class-action settlement mandating his position be created and EEOC v. Abercrombie, which was argued in front of- and decided by-the U.S. Supreme Court more than a year after he left the company. In that case, the U.S. Supreme Court rendered an 8–1 decision on June 1st, 2015 in favor of a Muslim woman who wore a hijab to her job interview.

Prior to his role at Abercrombie & Fitch, Todd created the diversity strategy for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide as their diversity lead, which helped evolve the business to be better at providing customer service and employee engagement. He was also a senior consultant for Towers Perrin’s global diversity and change management practice in New York, NY. During his tenure at Towers Perrin (now Towers Watson), his client list included: The New York Stock Exchange, JPMorganChase, Pfizer, Toys R Us, Goldman Sachs, PepsiCo and many others.

Todd recently penned his first book, FITCH PATH, a cautionary tale about how to navigate generationally-driven shifts in beliefs and values. It goes inside the iconic brand, Abercrombie & Fitch, and explores how Millennials and iGens reshaped the self-conscious symbol of American youth and coolness and forged cultural transformation. Todd offers solutions to help prepare today’s leaders and organizations for the inevitable reality: transparency is the new normal.

Todd is currently working on his second book, which will examine Millennial and iGen attitudes, in the age of growing global pessimism.






TAPO Disclosure Statement: Recycling

In order to invest our efforts, in as many social causes as we can that require inclusive leadership to prevail, we will occasionally ask our clients to give us permission to RECYCLE their dollars to support those causes. For instance, we are currently pursuing a large culture change project to scale a national anti-bullying initiative. Please ask us about our RECYCLING program.